Frequently Asked Questions

What is this site about?

Clash Bay is about creating duels, or voting on existing ones. You can create duels about anything, from cars or animals, to work decisions or your plans for tonight, the limit is just your creativity. After, just share it and let people to vote on it, from all over the planet!

What can I create a duel about?

Almost anything! It can even be offensive or adult material, just select the "Not Safe" category when you create them. If you don't do that, we will, without warning. However, we will not tolerate anything what is againt the law, so duels about murdering, child abuse, etc. will be permanently deleted without warning, even if you paid for extra upgrades. For guidelines, feel free to dive into the UK's laws about criminal activities.

Where can I see unsafe duels?

Well, they can be found, but you have to figure it out, how ;)

The report button does not seem to work. Why?

It is working properly. After you report a duel, an automatic script will count the total reports and total votes, and above a given ratio, it will ban the duel automatically. Or maybe the report was without a good reason. Please report all the offensive duels and help us to keep Clash Bay clean! Thank you!